The Ground Zero Mosque provides insights into the lack of nuance of the Left

Dennis Prager has written about the lack of nuance among the leftist supporters of the Ground Zero Mosque here.

He notes

“To liberals commenting on the issues of the Cordoba House Islamic center controversy and Americans’ perceptions of Islam, all that needs to be said are two things: First, Islam is a religion of peace and even the most sophisticated questioning of that claim is an expression of nativism, bigotry, xenophobia and Islamophobia. Second, the Muslim imam in New York City has a right to build his $100-million Islamic center two blocks from the spot where thousands of Americans were incinerated by 19 Muslims in the name of Islam. That no conservative spokesman has challenged the imam’s right to build the center, only the rightness of the act, is ignored whenever The New York Times, for example, discusses the issue. The truth is that the Right’s views of Muslims, the Cordoba House, and Islam are considerably more nuanced than those of the Left.”

Prager’s article is worthwhile  but ultimately depressing.

Wesley Pruden takes the discussion even further by stating that “The Ground Zero mosque, which is stirring such a sandstorm in New York City, isn’t so popular in certain precincts of the Middle East, either. Some Muslims there think President Obama and Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York are nuts. Impotent and irresolute, too.   Some of the true believers in Arabia say the mosque is a conspiracy hatched by the Jews to set out a clear and permanent connection between Sept. 11 and Islam, a constant reminder of an attack on America led by devout Muslims.”  

Ah the old Zionist conspiracy trick, 99!.

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