The Flame and Red lines

I’m not sure if there is a superhero called the FLAME  .. better check with Ben 10. 

However emerging reports indicate that the Flame is a computer malware that has been “massaging”  the Iranian nuclear program.  We don’t know where it is coming from but it is said to be more sophisticated that Stuxnet.  The name Stuxnet never made it to Broadway, but the Flame has a chance. 

If Flame makes you think red, the Webster definition of red line is “a recommended safety limit : the fastest, farthest, or highest point or degree considered safe; also: the red line which marks this point on a gauge” –

enough to make you want to watch the end of the Hunt for Red October.

and for those increasing their vocab, Tannin, the name of Israel’s newest submarine, in modern Hebrew means crocodile although it has a more colourful folklore reference to serpents and sea dragons among other leviathans.

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