The Fallen Angel – Gabriel to the rescue

There is nothing quite like a Gabriel Allon thriller.  The latest offering from Daniel Silva “The Fallen Angel”, is certainly topical, with Iran and Hezbollah figuring in one of the twists to the book  – which moves from Rome to Jerusalem via Vienna and Switzerland.

When all the politically correct statements were being made about the passports and Dubai, it made you wonder – Had ANY of them read a Daniel Silva book about the Mossad!  If so, they would have known that that absurd buffoonary footage in the Dubai hotel made zero sense.  On the other hand, Silva paints a wonderful picture of both the Mossad in action and the complexities and dangers faced by Israel. Not to forget the principle of taqiyya.

An interview with Daniel Silva is here and a short review here

The Fallen Angel certainly rates high up there.  My mother and I agree!

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