The double-standards and delusional anti-Israel thought

Kevin Myers has a good analysis here of the bizarre anti-Israel behaviour that passes for some discussion.

Dennis MacEoin, also expresses his dismay at the ignorance that passes for anti-Israel comment in Edinburgh.  He is a senior editor of the Middle East Quarterly.

It’s good to see that there are so many people around who “get it”

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3 thoughts on “The double-standards and delusional anti-Israel thought

  1. Thankyou to Dr MacEoin. In his day, as he says, he received a good education in Middle East studies. Today’s students are much more likely to get anti-Israel propaganda courtesy of Arab-funded Islamist academics. No wonder they are ignorant of the truth.

  2. Thank you Kevin Myers. There’s a good article by David A. Harris called “George Orwell, where are you?”, analysing the ‘Free Gaza Movement’, who, pretending to be “Freedom Riders”, are actually “handmaidens of a terrorist regime”. As in Orwell’s ‘1984’, when ‘war is peace’ and ‘ignorance is strength’, these lovers of Hamas think, as someone else said, that Hamas is something wholesome like the Boy Scouts. In fact they are thugs, and not only murder Israelis, but happily murder other Palestinians.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Ruth, and reference to the article by David Harris. It’s an excellent, insightful article here George Orwell would certainly have a field day here. I recall him writing some years ago that the word “fascist” had been misused sufficiently to make it merely a term of abuse. He would no doubt agree that other words like “apartheid” have met a similar fate. Those trying to get onto Gaza Flotilla 2 remind me of the expression when advertising for musicians to join bands – “please no time-wasters”. In the grand scheme of things, these people are time-wasters, diverting attention from other important world issues such as Iran and problems more deserving of attention.