“The Congo loves Israel”

There is a heart warming video interview on Arutz Sheva here of a Christian pastor from the Congo praising Israel, and saying that he and his 30 strong group from the Congo have travelled from North to South, East to West in Israel.  “The Congo loves Israel and all Africa loves Israel”, according to Pastor Kakou Lamonti. 

This is happening during a year when records for tourism are being exceeded in Israel.  Bethlehem is also enjoying a boost in tourism.

It reminds me of a previous visit to Yafo, Israel where I saw a group of Christians from Nigeria visiting, and had a nice chat to one of them … again full of love for Israel.

Slightly tangential, but you’ve hopefully listened to the great CD – “Abayudaya; music from the Jewish people of Uganda”.  A favourite song from the CD is “We are happy” – about Purim – here.  The word  Abayudaya means “People of Judah” in the African Luganda language – with photos of the Jewish community.

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One thought on ““The Congo loves Israel”

  1. Africa is a continent of the future. Britain sadly is starting to be the image of the past… our increasingly anti-Israel academics just one aspect of it.