The Chorus of Compulsive Critics

David Harris, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee, and Senior Associate of St Antony’s College, Oxford University, has written an excellent article here addressed to the chorus of compulsive critics of Israel. 

It includes the lines : “Your narrative is pre-cooked, airtight and impervious to reason. It’s filled with a hatred of Israel that eludes logical explanation, a blindness that shuts out any contrary evidence.
For you, Israel can do no right other than to close up shop and call it quits, while the Palestinians, your hallowed victims on a pedestal, can do no wrong.  Strikingly, all this is done in the name of such vaunted values as democracy, legitimacy and an end to occupation.”

The article is worth reading; The CCC – chorus of compulsive critics – tie in well with the LLL (Leftist Islamist Alliance), the barrage of which has unfortunately influenced many LL (latte liberals).  Also, the DDD of inappropriate criticism of Israel – double standards, demonization and delegitimisation.

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