The challenges for some of being a Cohen

A Cohen has many responsibilities and challenges, but when you are a Cohen at the New York Times, you have to tread carefully to make sure you line up with the forces of good and not evil.

Roger Cohen from the New York Times, can be relied upon to put the blame on Israeli actions, totally ignoring the contribution of any other players to the ongoing Israeli-Arab issues.

The Engage website pulls Cohen’s arguments part with David Hirsh’s article Jews in a whisper.  A letter writer references an excellent critique by Meryl Yourish here.

Perhaps leftists or sundry intellectuals and journalists striving to be on the “correct side” are more likely to feel they have to go over the top anti-Israel, if they have an obviously Jewish name, than if they don’t.

Welease woger cohen.

Oh for the days of Life of Brian

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2 thoughts on “The challenges for some of being a Cohen

  1. Thanks for the correction, David. Apologies for not realising that you were supporting the article by Roger Cohen. To me, there is far too much of holding Israel solely responsible for the failure of progress in the conflict, and too much of the viewpoint that all would be right if only Israel acknowledged and corrected its errors. Kenneth Levin makes this clear in his book – “The Oslo Syndrome – Delusions of a people under Siege” (discussed http://localhost:8888/jca/?p=1160) and Roger Cohen feeds this delusion with his one-sided statement “The lesson is clear: Jews, with their history, cannot become the systematic oppressors of another people. They must be vociferous in their insistence that continued colonization of Palestinians in the West Bank will increase Israel’s isolation and ultimately its vulnerability. That — not fanning Islamophobia — is the task before diaspora Jews.”

  2. I didn’t pull anything apart.
    I reproduced Roger Cohen’s piece because I thought it was pretty good.