The Brits in some disarray

As each month rolls on and each million British pound goes up in smoke, the Brit’s slip is starting to show with the Libyan “encounter, foray, expedition, non-war”.  PM Cameron’s spat with his armed forces chiefs over their frustrations “you do the fighting, I’ll do the talking” is one indicator  here, here here here

The articles have resulted in some good old British commentary from the sidelines – e.g. “Our leaders could take a leaf out of the book of history by leading us into battle.   They can charge the enemy  and hope that the military follow. This would soon bring these bloody wars to end, with the added bonus of getting rid of a few politicians at the same time.”  “Hmm, – doesn’t say a lot for our HOME DEFENCE ability! Any Spitfires left in the hanger?”  “David Cameron said: “There are moments when I wake up and read the newspapers and think: ‘I tell you what, you do the fighting and I’ll do the talking’.  I’d prefer to give him a chance -why doesn’t he do the fighting – then he might have the slightest clue what he is talking about”  “I think Cameron and his ilk, in all parties, are in the vanguard of a resurgance of individuals with learning difficulties due to inbreeding, the village idiot. The only village so affected at the moment is the Westminster political village, sadly for the rest of us.” “If we play our cards right we can force the Greeks to give us some planes in settlement of their debts to the UK.” “Intervention.”  What a weasel word to use for mass murder. The RAF should be hanging its head in shame, never mind standing there demanding more money so they can kill more civilians.” “If the army’s doing the fighting and Cameron’s doing the talking, who’s doing the thinking”

Ah, the Brits have done it again.

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