The Abravanel Connection

Don Isaac Abravanel is a heroic figure in Jewish history at the time of the expulsion of Jews from Spain – statesman and philosopher.

An Israeli hero of the same name is Oded Abarbanel, who is featured in a book by Yehuda Harel entitled “Above and Beyond”.  The book tells the stories of 10 of Israel’s military heroes – Oded Abarbanel was a pilot who fought in the War of Independence, and also distinguished himself by saving a parachutist who had got trapped in the rear wheel of Abarbanel’s plane.

Later in his career, Abarbanel was the pilot of the first El Al 747and then had the terrifying experience of being the pilot of an El Al plane hijacked to Algiers.  He and the crew were fortunately safely released.

An amusing connection was provided by a New York Times article about an Abravanel reunion, 0f 130 people who shared the name or various permutations of it here.

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