That movie

There’s certainly been plenty of international and local action, since the publicity over “that movie”,  or should one say, that “15 minute youtube offensive amateurish pap”.

It’s been a play in serveral scenes – first the initial attempt to bring in the Jewish conspiracy motif of “Jewish director and financial backers” gained support from the haters.  Once that was debunked, the Coptic Christian and radical Pastor motif was then pushed .. however to Obama and Clinton’s chagrin,  the “America as big Satan” that emerged as the line of choice.

What is behind it all?

Is it an Islamist goal to drive the US out of Middle East countries?

Is it a flexing effort to block free speech, particularly where it pertains to criticism of Islam?

Then there are the apologists who point to Islamic sensitivities to hurt and frustration.  And of course, in the US many in the media have been spinning their wheels to stop negative effects on Obama’s election campaign.

Hopefully these events will lead to some serious opening of eyes and discussion of the importance of defending western ideals.

Some good things have been written – for example by Barry Rubin here and here

A speech by Michele Bachmann on Caroline Glicks website

A column by Daniel Greenfield here about what a post-America world would look like.

But it’s above all important not to forget the image seen here in Sydney

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