Despite the double sedra, rabbinic commentators understandably struggle
to relate their major themes of purity and impurity to modern day thought.
The leprosy of those days, clearly not the leprosy of today, is regarded
as being closely related to gossip, which is to deplored, even if the
subject matter of the gossip is true.
Commentators on the two sedras often resort to the haftara of Metzora,
Kings 2-7, which tells the story of four lepers who are sitting outside
the besieged city of Samaria, the capital of the kingdom of Israel. When
the siege by the king of Syria is miraculously abandoned, they
eventually decide to share the good news with the inhabitants of the
city. The message is that good news concerning Hashem’s miracles must be
announced and shared with others and emphasis should not, in the words
of Rabbi Pinchas Peli,  be placed on the shadows and critics  should not
ignore the many lights that shine forth from Zion.

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