Sydney Morning Herald’s pythonesque columns

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald has a get-rich gone wrong story about an attempt to produce commercial cobra venom, unfortunately the cobras have escaped to a nearby village causing the expected consternation.

Then we read about the “real-life” Fawlty Tower’s couple and how the Monty Python team made them a laughing stock.

Finally, Mike Carlton’s convoluted column today also has a pythonesque nature to it, as he attempts to draw a bow from  the burqa to tefillin and other religious apparel.  He even throws in some Hebrew transliteration in an attempt to support whatever point he’s trying to make.

Why not go for the real thing, a la Monty Python and  Oscar Wilde.

.. but for a genuinely wonderful story,  I was interested to read an account in The Australian Jewish News of the life of Polish refugee Dr Saul Wiener who developed the anti-venom for red back spiders, as well as the funnel-web spider and the poisonous stonefish. Dr Wiener,an immunologist, died on September 15.  For further information see the Powerhouse Museum site, and J-Wire, where Wiener was honoured on the Queen’s Birthday List

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