Sydney celebrates Yom Ha’atzmaut in Style

Mazaltov to Aviva, her State Zionist Council team and the many others who helped put on a great celebration for Israel’s 61st anniversary at Randwick Racecourse.

The theme was Tel Aviv’s 100th year and the place was jumping. Although this year’s event was held on a weeknight compared to last years Sunday, it was still a bumper crowd in the thousands with plenty of Ruach.

Everything I saw was great, but here is a personal run through of a few favourites

Mama Mae’ah – by “Sons of Doctors” Bjorn and Benny were there in spirit to celebrate Mae-ah (100) years of Tel Aviv; Temple Emmanuel Senior Klezmer Band – great Klezmer riffs; Alevai – Moriah singers – top quality, professional; Erev Shel Shoshanim – the didgeridoo fitted in well – can’t remember which school – they were great; “Bo-Regas” – a combined Melbourne-Sydney allstar Habonim band – Yesh Li and YoYa are always crowd pleasers, plus a good medley of Israeli tunes; the Israeli dancers – did they take a break in 3 hours?; the photography exhibition – “playing chess in the Dead Sea”; all the community organisations and stands – the greeting cards from Zahal Disabled Veterans Organisation, included tragic and inspiring individual stories of the artists; the white fairy floss – some ended on Herzl’s beard; and the Chicken Burger from Passion8.

Please feel free to write in with any of your favourites or comments on the night!

Meanwhile, here is the 100th anniversary sign from Rabin Square from earlier this month …

and a dawn video recording at Massada from a while ago.. David Broza and friends (including Shawn Colvin and Jackson Browne) singing Yihyeh Tov – “It will be good” .

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One thought on “Sydney celebrates Yom Ha’atzmaut in Style

  1. Joel McCarroll June 1, 2011 at 6:50 pm -

    hey erev shel shol shanim was by masada college- i was the guitarist with the electric guitar