Switzerland rejects more Minarets

Whatever one’s views on the Swiss decision to reject more Minarets (by a slight majority), the reality is that the decision was based on a referendum, where all the people of Switzerland had a vote.. ie a citizen not a government vote.  The comments have been fast and furious as noted by Sultan Knish on Nov 29, and also elsewhere here, here, and here

Not surprisingly, the Swiss are particularly concerned about the economic repercussions of the decision.   For such a “benevolent” people as the Swiss, its hard not to feel some schadenfreude – maybe it comes from reading the Gabriel Allon thriller where the Swiss were NOT the heroes.

Nonetheless, it was a peoples vote, and the decision contrasts with the sad capitulation by Czech President Vaclav Klaus to the Lisbon treaty, stripping national rights from the Czech republic – and confirming the depleted national rights of other countries in the European Union.  Melanie Phillips commented on it here.

Earlier in the year, Klaus had given a speech bemoaning the democratic deficiencies in the European Union,  highlighted by the recent non-democratic election of the European Union President.

Isi Liebler  also attributes anti-Israel sentiment in Europe in part to the European “”enlightened”, postmodernist secular societies, which shun all manifestations of nationalism”.  The subsequent discussion in his Guardian article is worth reading.

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