Speaking truth to those who won’t hurt you

CAMERA’s Dexter Van Zile has written a good article, describing how some members of the Protestant Church have focused their criticism on Israel while ignoring the much harsher treatment of Christians in Muslim lands.

In the article, entitled “Mainliners speak truth to Jewish, not Arab and Muslim power, van Zile describes the situation, summarising it as

1. Yes, we obsess publicly about Israel, but trust us, we focus on other groups behind the scenes.

2. Palestinian Christians ask us to crticise Israel so we do.

3. Christians in Arab countries are frightened to speak up or get us to speak up because of the risk of making the Muslims angry, so we don’t.

“With its one-sided witness, the organisation rewards hostage taking on a grand scale.”

More on the reluctance to report on Christian suffering in Muslim hands here.

A similar argument was recently made by a European newspaper… ie fear inhibited their reporting.

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