South Africa and Israel

The links between Israel and South Africa have been multilayered – and to an extent they have been brought to the fore by the death of Nelson Mandela.

The South African ambassador to Israel was quoted in this regard

“There is a claim that South Africans hate Israel, but it’s totally untrue,” said Ngombane, adding, “South Africans hate oppression. Mandela was the representative of the oppressed and therefore it has been said that he identified himself with the Palestinians.”

A relevant article is listed here

Of even greater interest are the critical comments. eg

“Then why do they not speak out about the .. oppression .. that Islam causes around the world daily. Stupid liars.

S.Africans who cling to Ngombane’s opinion that they don’t hate Israel, they “hate oppression” ,means they prefer to join the more economically influential arobs by being antisemitic & anti-Israel liars.

Really? Is that why South Africa’s government is bosom buddies with the most repressive mass murdering regimes on the planet like Zimbabwe, Sudan,Syria, Iran, North Korea and Red China. And was closely aligned with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Gaddafi

…says someone whose hallowed leader supported the violent oppressors Khomeini, Khameinei and Gaddafi as “liberators”(from whom he accepted the ridiculous “Gaddafi Award for Human Rights”!) and kisssed the dirty face of the murderer Arafat! What a farce!”

Why SA foreign minister loosing sleep over size of “Palestine” , Jordan is Palestine is plenty big enough for all the fauxistinians and then some. SA is oppressing Israel and the Jews and if they smart they will stop this oppression.”

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