Some Jewish music

With the Jewish film festival happening in Sydney, here is a clip of dueling Klezmer and Gypsy music  and another musical interlude 1 from the 1998 film Train de Vie.

Then a Yemenite tune.

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One thought on “Some Jewish music

  1. Ruth - Caulfield December 2, 2009 at 11:17 pm -

    I attended the Jewish film festival in Melbourne on one night: “From Hell to Hell”. It was a harrowing movie about the 1946 Kielce pogrom. Very well done. On checking out the details of the actual pogrom on the internet, I found there were important differences from the film. In fact, the real pogrom was worse, in that it was the result of a ‘blood libel’, and actively initiated by the military and the police, with the mob following. No wonder Polish Jews reached the inevitable conclusion that Poland was not a safe place even after the war.