Rupert Murdoch cozying up to the Sheikh

In an earlier blog item,  we noted that a Saudi Arabian prince had bought a significant percentage of News Corp, and expressed concern as to the effect that would have on Middle East reporting, in particular Israel. 

Well it hasn’t taken too long to see one specific effect.  News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch has announced that the Gulf emirate of Abu Dhabi is to become the headquarters of his global media empire in the Middle East.  

All the news that’s fit to print? 

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One thought on “Rupert Murdoch cozying up to the Sheikh

  1. Is this ‘cozying up’ the reason we had such a large, sympathetic article about the Iranian imam who does not want to be deported, on the front page? After all, it would upset his family. Does it remind anyone about Sheikh Hilaly who was also considered a security threat, but was allowed to obtain Australian citizenship under Paul Keating?