On an ABC radio quiz show a while back, a question posed was – “How many people live in Israel?”. The reply was 50 million, 7 times greater than the correct figure of a little more than 7 million.

Stand With Us is an organisation that works hard to correct the ignorance and misinformation about Israel than is present on campus and elsewhere.

The Stand With Us website which we also link to on the right, has compelling information on the relative size and population of Israel, as shown below. King Abdullah of Jordan also reinforced the tiny nature of Israel compared to the Arab and Muslim states, when he recently talked about a “57-state solution” in which the entire Muslim world would recognize Israel.

Relative Sizes: Land Mass and Population

The size of Israel is:

* 1/6 of 1 percent (1/625) of the land of the Arab League Nations
* Approximately the size of New Jersey
* 1/20 the size of California
* 1/26 the size of France

The map shows just how tiny is Israel (in blue) compared to Australia. An interesting lecture compared Australia and Israel

Jewish and Muslim Populations Compared

* 5.5 million Israeli Jews compared to more than 300 million Middle Eastern Arabs and Muslims
* 13 million Jews worldwide compared to 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide

Religious Majorities in Countries around the World

* 56 nations have Islamic majorities.
* 49 nations have Roman Catholic majorities.
* 20 nations have Protestant majorities.
* 12 nations have Eastern Orthodox majorities.
* 4 nations have Hindu majorities.
* 1 nation has a Jewish majority.

For some further thoughts from the master of relativity, here is some information on Albert Einstein and Zionism and a link to his archives in Jerusalem.

Also an educational song about relativity from MIT

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  1. One comparison I find useful regarding the Golan Heights is that, even though it is strategically very important for Israel, it is quite small – 459 square miles, while Syria is 71,054 sq miles – (0.7 of 1% of Syria).