Various verses from Deuteronomy Chapter 15 highlight the problem of poverty.

If you have a poor man of your fellow countrymen….you shall not harden your heart ….you must open your hand to him, lending enough to meet his needs. 15 -7-8.

…. thy heart shall not be grieved when thou givest him….15-10.

…..for the poor shall never cease out of the land. 15-11

A recent newspaper article, written by a prominent doctor, expressed the view that the major criticism which would be levelled against our generation would be – why did you neglect to solve the problem of poverty, which has a spiritual component, of being abandoned, over and above lack of money, associated disease and ignorance?

Shlomo Riskin wrote that just as the journey from birth to death is from the closed fist to the open hand, so the goal of the human being is to transform himself from a child who thinks only about himself, into an adult whose commitment to Torah has allowed him to live with an open hand.

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