Q and A – Ilan Pappe doesn’t respond very well to pressure

It was going to be interesting to see how Ilan Pappe responded to pressure.  One would have thought that he would be quite used to being the centre of controversy.

But in the recent Q and A see here,  he couldn’t seem to cope with Irving Wallach’s fairly mild comment (33 minute, 20 seconds) that the failure of the Arabs to accept the UN vote on partition was a fundamental cause of the Palestinian refugees; and that the Mufti Husseini’s link to Nazi Germany didn’t endear him.

What was Pappe’s response – “These are not facts, they are Israeli propaganda”  “These are sheer lies, you are lying”  – I mean really!! and Pappe calls himself a historian… although to be fair, he also describes himself as an activist, and no activist likes to be contradicted.

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