Proud to be a Zionist

Gil Troy has written about a phenomenon, particularly in America, where some pro-Israel advocates are reluctant to use the word Zionist.  Interestingly, Troy recognises that this is not the case in Australia and South America.

In the article, following his attendance at a Reut Institute Conference on countering deligitimisation efforts, Troy emphasises the importance of taking back the Z word.  It’s what we are, not what we are against, that counts!

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One thought on “Proud to be a Zionist

  1. This is a great article. McGill university is in Canada, and Canada is a friend of Israel. Thank you Canada and thank you Gil Troy. Let’s take back the Z word. Let’s be proud Zionists. The word “Zion” means Jerusalem and it’s the reference to the Jewish Temple, and the mountain in Jerusalem that it was built on. This refers to the inseparable connection between Jews and Israel, which the Arabs are trying to cover up. The Jewish Temple was built around 950 BCE. That’s about 1500 years before Islam.