President Obama’s speech

ABC radio’s news comments this morning I heard driving to work about Obama’s speech relevant to Israel were “based on 67 borders” and “Israel said it didn’t take into account the settlers in the West Bank, or an agreement with Pres Bush”.  The news didn’t mention the vital issue of “defensable borders”.

Here are some initial Israel media comments about Obama’s speech shown here which, as a statement of his views, will be worth looking at closely;  Obama seems to have managed to upset Netanyahu, Abbas, Hamas and the Arab protesters for a start. 

It was a good advance move by PM Netanyahu to have already led with his principles, as in the previous blog item, so we can see how it all stacks up.  

Some initial Israeli media responses; J Post here, here and here, Haaretz here, Debka here, Arutz Sheva here, here and here, Ynet here

and New York Times

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