President Obama in Israel

President Obama arrived earlier today in Israel.  So far he is talking the talk – see here

From the Jerusalem Post –  US President Barack Obama landed at Ben-Gurion Airport on Wednesday for his first trip to Israel as president, stating that he had visited Israel twice before prior to his presidency and, saying in Hebrew, that it was “tov l’he’ot shuv b’aretz,” (good to be in Israel again.).

Obama, beginning a three-day visit in Israel, stated that it was no accident that the first trip of his second term was to Israel, as the two countries have a lot in common.

Obama spoke of the Jewish people’s 3,000 year-old connection to the land, stating that the founding of the State of Israel was a tale of redemption “unlike any other in history.”

“We stand together because peace must come to the Holy Land,” Obama stated, saying that while the US was “clear-eyed about the difficulties of making peace,” America still strives for peace between Israel and its neighbors.

“I am confident in declaring that our alliance is l’netzach, eternal, is forever,” he added, employing the use of Hebrew.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu welcomed Obama upon his landing, thanking him and the American people for “standing by Israel.”

He thanked Obama and the US for “affirming Israel’s right to defend itself against any threat,” for the “generous military assistance,” and for the “unprecedented security cooperation.”


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