President Obama in Cairo

Dennis Prager has written an excellent piece about the speech that President Obama should but won’t make in Cairo, when he addresses the Muslim world on Thursday.  As Prager writes, “President Obama is likely to reiterate what he has stated previously to Muslim audiences, that America has no battle with Islam, deeply respects Islam and the Muslim world, and apologizes for any anti-Muslim sentiment that any Americans may express.” Prager then goes on to say what an honest address would sound like.

The Christian Copts of California have eloquently added their voice to what President Obama should say in their open letter to the President “Reconciliation with the Islamic world is a two-way street”. In their article and website they highlight some of the discrimination that Copts undergo in Egypt.

A word about the origin of Copts. The word “Copt” is derived from the Greek word, “Ai-gypt-os” meaning Egypt. The middle part of the word “gypt” was later pronounced as “Copt” and used to mean Egyptian. From the time Egypt embraced Christianity in 54AD to the time Islam invaded Egypt in 642 AD, all people of Egypt were called Copts, After the Islamic invasion, some Copts embraced Islam and excluded themselves from the name. Those who remained faithful to their Christian faith clung to their Coptic identity, and still do.

Magdi Khalil, a Coptic journalist, writes an intriguing article about why he feels that the peace treaty with Israel was the most significant milestone in the last three decades of Egyptian history.

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