Post modern lying

Those in science related fields for whom it does matter that 2 + 2 = 4, must shake their heads at what happens in other fields where relativism rules the day.

Victor Davis Hanson has written an excellent article about Post-modern lying  – see here which unfortunately applies to much of the criticism of Israel.

Hanson writes  “Postmodernism (the cultural fad “after modernism”) went well beyond questioning norms and rules. It attacked the very idea of having any rules at all. Postmodernist relativists claimed that things like “truth” were mere fictions to preserve elite privilege. Unfortunately, bad ideas like that have a habit of poisoning an entire society — and now they have.

Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis was recently caught fabricating her own autobiography. She exaggerated her earlier ordeals, lied about the age at which she divorced and was untruthful about how she paid for her Harvard Law School education.   When caught, Davis did not apologize for lying. Instead, she lamely offered that, “My language should be tighter.” Apparently, only old fogies still believe in truth and falsehood — period. In contrast, Davis knows that promoting a progressive feminist agenda is “truth,” and she only needs to be “tighter” about her fabrications to neutralize her reactionary critics.”

…  Difficut to combat but important to point out – ridicule can work.

I defend your right to say it.  I defend my right to say what I think of it.


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