Positive events in Honduras

Honduras might seem far removed from the interests of Israel.  However, the recent election of Porfirio Lobo of the Honduran National Party rather than Mel Zelaya represents a great victory for democracy and freedom in the world.  It also represents a blow to Hugo Chavez’s efforts to threaten the somewhat flimsy democratic institutions of Latin American.  And where Chavez goes, the ideology and influence of Iran also goes.

As Frank Gaffney from the Centre for Security Policy notes, “they did it without the help of the United States.  Hondurans, like the Iranian resistance, saw that they could not count on the U. S. for help.  They would have to do it themselves, and they did.”

Gaffney’s article Champions of Democracy is worth reading for a background to the Honduran success in taking on more powerful and aggressive forces, without US assistance.

Meanwhile Chavez has been aggravating tensions with neighbouring Colombia, by blowing up border bridges and blocking important trade between the 2 countries.  Although this and other acts has increased the possibility of military clashes, the trade embargo may backfire on Chavez, whose country is already experiencing power blackouts, water shortages and rampant inflation.

We previous mentioned the small but stable Jewish community of Honduras.

Sadly, the once vibrant Jewish community of Venezuela is threatened by Chavez’s anti-Israel invective, which may have spurred an attack on a Caracas Synagogue last January.

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