PM Netanyahu at the UN .. on Iran

Bibi Netanyahu focused on Iran in his speech at the UN – see video of the speech

Even more impressive is Netanyahu’s ability to articulate Israel’s position in interview format.  Here is a very good interview with npr

Netanyahu addresses the issue of Iran supposedly wanting its right to have a civilian nuclear program by saying this:

“if I meet with these people, I would stick this question in their face: Are you prepared to dismantle your program completely? Because you can’t stay with the enrichment. And they say, well, of course we have to stay with the enrichment because we have a right to enrich. They say, we have a right to civilian nuclear energy.

That’s not the same thing. There are 17 countries in the world, including your neighbors Canada and Mexico, including Sweden and Switzerland, including Spain, including a country like Indonesia, 250 million people — some very substantial countries — they have nuclear energy programs, but they don’t have enrichment.

The reason Iran is demanding enrichment is because that’s the way you get to nuclear weapons. If it’s civilian nuclear energy you want — I don’t know why Iran wants it because it’s swimming with not only oil but natural gas; for the next 200 years it will suffice for all their — you know, for all their energy needs. The reason they insist on enrichment is because they want to maintain the path to nuclear weapons.

And, coincidentally, they have another path that is there, a heavy water reactor to go through the plutonium route to the bomb. They don’t need either. Countries that want just civilian nuclear energy do not have heavy water for plutonium and do not have centrifuges for enrichment.”

In response to the question about Israel’s touted nuclear capability Netanyahu says this:

“Well, I’m not going to say what Israel has or doesn’t have, but I will say Israel has no designs to destroy anyone. We have not called for the destruction of a people, the annihilation of Iran or any other country. But that’s exactly what Iran’s doctrinaire, messianic, apocalyptic regime — it’s a terrorist regime. It’s applying terrorism on five continents as we speak — as we speak.  They tried to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in downtown Washington. They would’ve taken quite a few congressmen and senators with him in that watering hole. We just caught them with an operative now — now, three weeks ago in Tel Aviv with an operative that was collecting information about the American Embassy. I don’t think he was looking at how to get to the Fourth of July celebrations. I mean, it’s obvious. This is what these people do.  So a terrorist regime bent on world domination, seeking to navigate their way cleverly to the point where they have awesome power, should not be allowed to achieve it. If we’ve learned anything from the history of the 20th century — and not only from the 20th century — is that a regime with unbridled radical ambitions should not get awesome power, because once they do, they will unleash it.”

and .. in response to:

What’s the answer to that question about what people see as a double standard?

Well, Israel — I think Israel is not the issue. And in general in the Middle East, the issue is not those who have signed the NPT, the non-proliferation treaty —

People also ask why Israel hasn’t signed the non-proliferation treaty —

Well, you should look at those who signed it and see that the signing of it is meaningless, because Syria signed it. It was developing, you know, facilities for nuclear weapons. Libya signed it under Gadhafi. It was developing facilities for nuclear weapons. Iraq, under Saddam Hussein, signed it. It was developing nuclear weapons — twice actually — from the 1970s on. And Iran signed it, and it’s developing these nuclear weapons, developing ICBMs, intercontinental ballistic missiles.

They only have one purpose, by the way: nuclear payloads. And, by the way, not for us. They have missiles that can reach us. Those ICBM missiles, projectiles, are for you, to reach the — the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, which they’ll do in a few years. So that’s — so the reason — the reason this is not an issue — the reason the real issue is Iran is because Iran is intent on using nuclear weapons to annihilate a member state of the United Nations.

— the small matter of a radical regime that goes — that wants to go to nuclear weapons. I say don’t make a partial deal. Make a full deal. If you want to lift the sanctions, don’t lift them in the middle. Have, as in Syria, full dismantlement.

Second, don’t give them enrichment and don’t enable the heavy water — the heavy water route for plutonium to continue. That’s a reasonable demand. If they want civilian nuclear energy, fine, they can import fuel rods the way 17 countries do. If they want medical isotopes — I don’t know if Bolivia imports medical isotopes. So many countries do. This is all hogwash. What they say is nonsense. And you know, I’m 64 years old this month. I’ve decided, you know, just say it like it is. I mean, we can go into jargon —

Because you were restraining yourself before?

Yeah, I was restrained. This is jargony. This is so — you know, this is so simple: Don’t have nuclear weapons, Iran. You don’t deserve it. You’re slaughtering, by the tens of thousands, innocent men, women and children in Syria. You’re trying to subvert every country, just about, in the Middle East, with the exception of Assad’s regime. You’re sending terrorists to five continents, 25 cities only in the last three years, ordering them, planning, using Hezbollah, from — you know, from Bangkok to Buenos Aires to — whatever, they’ve been around the globe, in the last three decades and now, in the last three years. No, you don’t get nuclear weapons. A regime like that with this messianic, crazy idea that they have — you don’t — we learned anything from history, you do not let these people, because they sweet-talk you, to get nuclear weapons.

You want a deal? Fine, I will be the first one to applaud it. If we can get a diplomatic solution, as opposed to a military solution, I would be delighted. But it has to be a real solution, not a fake solution, not a partial solution, not one in which they continue to enrich, no way. That is wrong.

And you know, and I think — people say, well, I’m the only one who’s saying it. No, I’m not. I finished my U.N. speech — dozens of ambassadors say they can’t clap; you know, there are cameras and — you know, it’s all political correctness. And they come around, you know, the back, they shake my hand, they say, Prime Minister, you spoke for us. I don’t have to tell you what the Arab countries are thinking. Many in Europe, many elsewhere, they get it. Sure, we all want to see a genuine diplomatic and peaceful solution, but no, we don’t want to be hoodwinked. We’re not gullible. We’re not suckers.”

.. Netanyahu has succeeded in capturing people’s attention and making them think more than twice about Rouhani.  Here is an overview about Netanyahu’s speech

and a comment on how it was reported and unfortunately distorted by the New York Times.



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