Peter Beinart is ubiquitous

Peter Beinart has been Interviewed left right and centre.  He is going to be speaking at the upcoming Presidents conference in Israel.  It will be interesting to see what response he gets – with his “boycott with a Zionist twist routine”

His ideas have been analysed by a variety of people, including Isi Leibler here

A positive review of Beinart’s recent book is here with some good letter responses.

Other reviews are here,

More here

Jim Sleeper  includes some interesting thoughts:  He says” I define “liberal racism” as: 1) the condescension involved in setting the bar so low that one denies intended beneficiaries of racial policies the hard-won satisfactions of real growth and accomplishment; in short, one fails to pay blacks and others the elementary compliment of holding them to basic standards of human decency and achievement; 2) the consequent essentialism or “primordialism” involved in attributing failures of achievement to deep racial-cultural “differences,” which have come to resemble nineteenth-century racist assumptions; and 3) garden-variety bigotry, defined as some liberals, barely conscious presumptions of their own white supremacy and their visceral discomfort with non-whites — a racism to which liberals, by their own logic, are hardly immune.

Other related comments here here here (with an interview with Australia’s Emma Alberici;  here here here and here (good).  

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