Paradigms and the Middle East

I was interested to read this statement from Richard Landes from Boston University.  “If in the 18th century, progressive thought emphasized equality before the law (democracy), and in the 19th, it emphasized equality of goods and services (socialism, communism), in the 20th century it emphasized equality of cultures.”

This statement is the introductory sentence of an excellent overview from Landes’  website Augean Stables entitled Paradigms and the Middle East Conflict where he discusses the 2 paradigms: PCP1- Politically Correct Paradigm (Liberal)  and PCP2 – Post-Colonial Paradigm (Radical)… how they link with Western society, Israel and the contribution of people such as Edward Said. 

Although the article is from 2006, the concepts seem very relevant today..and the people who espouse them represent a threat to Israel and to peace in the Middle East.

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