Palileaks undermining the cognescenti

The cognescenti are getting more confused .. now the Al Jazeera leaks suggest that previous Palestinian Authority negotiators recognised the reality that many of the Israeli settlements over the Green Line would remain Israeli in the event of a peace agreement.

As Robin Shepherd states in his blog,  it has put the Guardian, BBC and other Israel bashers in the position of being far more rabidly anti-Israel and non-compromising, that the Palestinians apparently were in their negotiations.  Although the Israel-bashers will no doubt find a way to finesse the situation, it shows further the disconnect between the bashers and reality… poor dears!

.. here is an example of one of the letters to the Guardian

“Well, well, well. The Guardian has been completely blown out of the water by the Palestinian leadership. The Palestinians, it appears are prepared to cede some areas of E. Jersualem, and agree in principle to a land swap that will allow Israel to keep the major settlements, and the Guardian is predictably enraged.  How dare the Palestinians ignore the world’s leading liberal voice? These revelations have done us one big favour. They have shown us that the Guardian is more intransigent than the Palestinians themselves.”

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One thought on “Palileaks undermining the cognescenti

  1. Julian - Newtown January 26, 2011 at 10:35 pm -

    When will the Palestinians realise that the leftists have their own agenda? A peaceful solution is not their goal, instead the leftists are using the Palestinians as tools. These leaks and the Wikileaks have been positive in showing people what is actually happening rather than the public bluster. They suggest that true compromises are possible – and it would help if the leftists butted out.