Palestinian autonomy – a discussion

An interesting piece from the FresnoZionism blogsite expresses well “Palestinian autonomy” as a strategy.  One that will allow for Palestinian expression balanced by Israel’s security.

The author would see “the Palestinian Authority as an autonomous, but less than fully sovereign, entity. There would be a Palestinian government, legal system and economy; but ‘Palestine’ would be demilitarized. Israel would continue to control its borders and airspace, and would retain the ability to enter Palestinian territory to take action in response to terrorism…. this unilateral step would be justified under the provision of the UN Charter that permits states to act in self-defense. Can anyone deny that PLO actions and stated intentions represent a threat to Israel’s existence?”

The idea in full is stated in this article and follows a similar article entitled No solution, then keep the status quo by the author, which is partly a critique of an Isi Liebler piece.


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