Operation Pillar of Cloud went well

Although who knows the future, the Gaza operation as it stands now was overall a success for Israel.  The IDF’s ability to conduct 1500 missions with less than 150 Gazan deaths, and moreover where some of the deaths were caused by Arab rockets misfires, and half were terrorists, was quite remarkable.

Gazan bravado aside, they would have clearly seen the ability of the IDF to hit whatever they wanted.  The Iron Dome defence was also a standout success… as was Israel’s much improved ability to fight the PR war.

Yaacov Lozowick has an excellent summary of the operation here

Undoubtedly Hillary Clinton and Netanyahu would have been discussing Iran among other non-Gazan issues. While I was not an Obama fan leading up to the US elections, Obama certainly said the right things during Pillar of Cloud;  his pre President visit to Sderot would have given him a personal sense of what it would be look to be there… and the US on his watch had contributed financially to the Iron Dome.

While praising the operation, Giora Eiland had some criticism on the tactics. He writes “I am one of those who believe that the political echelon did the right thing three times in regards to the operation in Gaza: Setting modest goals, avoiding a ground offensive and agreeing to a ceasefire.

I believe that the political and military echelon were wrong about the use of Israel’s aerial efforts. The most important mistake stems from the incorrect definition which divides the attacked targets into only two types: Clear military targets, which are legal, and other targets, which are civilian and therefore must not be bombed.

The correct division is into three groups, with the third group – located between the two aforementioned types – consisting of national infrastructure targets. Such targets, which include government buildings, fuel caches, communication centers, bridges and the power system, are legitimate in the event of a military conflict between two countries, and this was the exact situation between us and Hamas”

Pillar of Cloud

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