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“After the 2-state solution ceases to be viable, there is always the 1-state + protectorate or ‘autonomous zone’ option, for Israel and the built-up Arab-populated areas. It is not ‘apartheid’, even if it offends the Moslem’s imagination since he does not come out with his foot on the other guy’s neck like he’s used to, and offends the European Anti-semite’s imagination because it leaves Jews in charge of their own destiny on their historical land. But it is not such an unusual arrangement for unequal powers, in the past or the present. Nothing to get too worked up about.”

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One thought on “One readers comment

  1. I do like this idea. A Palestinian autonomous zone, with trappings of a country but not a danger to Israel; Amman as its international airport, and increasingly close links with Jordan, which it will eventually confederate with.