“One picture lies better than a thousand words”

Latma TV leads the way in ridiculing some of the lies and distortions profferred by the anti-Israel brigade. 

The recent Pallywood stunt in Jerusalem that ended in a whimper was lampooned by Latma here in an interview with the famous Irish reporter Drek O’Hara, explaining how “one picture lies better than a thousand words”

It reminded me of the brilliant “We con the world” take on the Gaza Flotilla; it confused the poor Fairfax press, who knew they had to be critical of of the video, but weren’t quite sure how.  Paul McGeough, that other famous Irish reporter, in his recent one-man band at the Opera House,  still couldn’t bring himself to admit that some of the freedom-loving humanists on the Mavi Marmara carried knives.  Maybe he didn’t realise that Reuters had been caught cropping photos so as to “miss” showing a knife in the hands of one of the peace activists.   

Latma is an equal opportunity lampooner, so the Israeli leftists also come in for a serve.  We’d like to think that Yitzhak Rabin would have approved.

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