Obama steps up to the plate

Pres Obama gave a speech at the UN General Assembly, that showed an understanding perspective of Israel’s situation and security needs.  We can only hope that Obama has gained an improved understanding and insight into the Arab Spring, and the unconcealed intentions of Hamas and Fatah regarding Israel.  See herehere, here  The Palestinians and their supporters weren’t happy but it would be great if a sense of reality replaced delusion in their viewpoints e.g. “the river to the sea” and that refugees would not go to any new state of Palestine, but would continue to be kept as anti-Israel pawns. 

Greg Sheridan wrote an excellent overview as well here.  Julia Gillard has also been upright in her view of the need for negotiation, not unilateral declarations.

Hopefully the UN grandstanding will result in more people understanding reality, and what is needed for peace and security for Israel and the Palestinians, and stepping up to the plate.

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