Obama kicks an own goal

President Obama has certainly ratcheted up emotion regarding the proposed Islamic centre and Mosque close to the New York Twin Towers site. 

By initially coming down on the side of the argument opposite to the opinion of 70% of polled Americans (that there is a right for the Mosque to be built there, but that it is not wise or respectful) , Obama has not done his fellow Democrat congressmen any favours.   By packpedalling on his initial comments,  he risks alienating part of the 30% who agreed with his initial comments.

Comments are noted in the Australian , a video of a discussion and from a  seattle paper

Bradley Blakeman said “President Obama needs to decide between being a “community organizer” or a president. The president has involved himself in local issues and controversy that does not rise to the level of presidential action or attention. When he does so, he puts his administration off-message, forces division within his own party and weakens his ability to lead and be respected. The president’s missteps are self-inflicted and thus inexcusable.”

The Presidents decision to wade in on this topic may go down as an own goal that rivals others here, here

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2 thoughts on “Obama kicks an own goal

  1. The President may not be acting in the interests of America. It may not be an ‘own goal’ as far as he is concerned. He may be acting in the interests of Moslem extremists, with whom he seems to be a sympathiser. As his own father was a Moslem, and Islam goes according to the father, and he has called the US “no longer a Christian country”, called the Koran “the Holy Koran”, his newly appointed head of home security is soft on Islamism, he does seem to consistently have his own agenda. The question is: how many Americans will sit up and notice, and do something about it.

  2. In the video link on your article, you feature a discussion in which the moderator says: we know that Imam Rauf is a moderate Muslim.
    But I have heard otherwise. He is not moderate at all. In Arabic he has declared he wants the establishment of Sharia in America as a dominant governing force. Walid Shoebat on Roger Simon’s Youtube site explains it very well. Shoebat also makes the frightening point that once the mosque is established, it cannot be closed down without a very violent Muslim reaction. He says, according to Sharia law, once it is a mosque it is considered Islamic property for ever (Wakf), and the equivalent of a Muslim embassy for the Umma (or Islamic nation). So Imam Rauf is part of the stealth jihad, even if he says he is against terrorism. It’s very smoothly done. This law is frightening in the light of the plans to build a mosque at Monash University.