Obama again

Yoram Ettinger, who will hopefully be visiting our Australian shores soon, has written a thoughtful perspective on the current Obama/ White House attempt to beat-up on Israel. 

Ettinger comments that the Obama team misreads and misleads by noting that “Clinton is certain that the Arab-Israeli conflict is over territory, in defiance of the last 100 years, which prove that the conflict is over the existence – and not over the size – of the Jewish state.”

There have been other good asseessments of the Obama attack, with both pro and anti commentators agreeing that there has been a palpable shift.  I like these reviews by Victor Davis Hanson and David Horowitz.  Should we be reassured that Robert Kagan feels that Israel is not unique in being an ally distanced by the Obama team?

Fortunately, Pesach is not the time when Israel will be predisposed to bow to princes – Chad Gadya

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