Noam Chomsky gets a little undeserved publicity

Noam Chomsky was recently denied entry to speak at Bir Zeit University by Israel.  This probable tactical error by an Israeli official, gave Chomsky and his leftist followers a chance to indulge in their favourite activity of Israel bashing – using the “Israel is a totalitarian state” and “Israel is apartheid” gambits.

A blog site  Jewlicious has a good overview of the episode.  I was impressed by their suggestions on how to deal with this approach  … as noted below:

“When you, dear reader, encounter these criticisms of Israel, take a deep breath and relax. Slowly, confidently, and without any hesitation or concern, remind the Israel basher that the Nazis killed more Jews in one month in early 1940 – before the Final Solution kicked in – than the total Palestinian death count in a 100 years of war with Jews and Israel. Remind the basher that in South Africa the whites were a distinct minority of about 10% of the population, while in Israel Jews are 80% of the population and anywhere from 65% to 55% (depends which Palestinian population figures you believe) of the population from “the River to the Sea.” Oh, and in Israel the minority can vote and elect Knesset representatives. Look at them calmly and say, “Please stop telling lies and demonizing Israel. People who want peace tell the truth.”

Because the truth is that Israel is also different from Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa in two other key measures: 1. Israel/Yishuv has offered peaceful resolutions that would give the Palestinians a state 5 times in history; 2. Israel’s enemies have sought to annihilate the country and remove it as a Jewish state from the map by using two approaches, the first being violence and the second being propaganda/hate speech that segregates Jews that live or support Israel from the rest of the world’s population, even when such claims ignore or obfuscate the actions of many brutal, dictatorial, militaristic, chauvinistic and murderous state actors who commit horrendous crimes that make Israel’s most aggressive actions look like child’s play.

In other words, people like Noam Chomsky should be ashamed of themselves.”

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