Noam Chomsky causing angst among the leftist anti-Israel cognescenti

Noam Chomsky has caused a great deal of angst among the “progressive leftists”,  through his lukewarm support of the BDS movement.

Indeed, it has thrown the anti-Israel brigade into a real tizz.

Jeffrey Blankfort, described as growing up in a “non-Zionist Jewish home”  is most put out by Chomsky‘s insufficiently anti-Israel fulminations.   Khalil Bendib conducted an interview with Chomsky, (which doesnt seem to be archived) which led to much angst.  Some of his remarks and a longer opportunity for critique by Ali Abunimah and Blankfort are here.

Chomsky even goes to the extent of calling (shock horror)  some of the BDS ‘s hypocrites .. and bemoans BDS actions that are “feel good” and not “do good”.  He particularly is critical of Americans who favour boycotts of Israel but not of the U.S. .. and calls them hypocritical.

There’s got to be something funny about aging leftist Jews (plus the occasaional Palestinian) arguing as to who is the most Pro-Palestinian – “yes I am, no you’re not”.   I particularly liked Jeffrey Hammond’s article here   where he demolishes Blankfort’s efforts to demolish Chomsky.  The letter writing that follows the article is fast and furious,  and if you are strong enough you’ll find that after the first few hundred posts, Blankfort can’t resist and gets into a bit of mudslinging.

One of the letter writers provides an example  – “Your critics of Chomsky on the boycott issue are so hypocritical and misleading. Especially since the Professor agrees on some of these sanctions as long as they don’t hurt Palestinians (eg: boycott of an Israeli university that is fighting Israeli tactics, hence trying to help Palestinians). Sanctions would be useless if hypocritical, it’s pretty simple if you listen to the argument he makes. Don’t give ammunition to the opposition by supporting the wrong sanctions. He even gave you an example of a University to boycott, but it would be very sensitive that some people of this University are good people.   To the ethnic loyalty question, it seems your bias opinion did not allow you to listen to Chomsky’s answer. “It is a factor insofar as i does not conflict with dominant US interests”. When Israel goes against US interest like they did in 2005 while trying to reach a deal with China for arm exports, US stopped them and got them to apologise.”

Is there honour among thieves or is it a Train Wreck?

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One thought on “Noam Chomsky causing angst among the leftist anti-Israel cognescenti

  1. Didn’t I read somewhere that local luminary Antony Lowenstein has a dog called Chomsky? Talk about conflict of interest. Maybe his bark is worse that his bite.