In the first covenant or agreement, known as the covenant between the pieces  (of the sacrificial animals) Abraham was promised a nation state of Israel and a land.

In the second covenant at Sinai, Moses and Israel were given the Torah, by the laws of which they promised to abide. In the third covenant, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin suggests that an agreement is being made between Israel and the seventy nations of the world, whereby the gentiles are obliged to live by the Noahbite laws, which are to be written in many languages on plastered stones after the crossing of the Jordan river.

Acccording to Rabbi Geoffrey Shisler, the mission of the Jew is to set standards of uprightness and morality, to act as an example to the nations of the world – a mission which some believe is the root cause of antisemitism.

In Chapter 30 there is frequent repetition of the word “shoov”, return, to the concept of “teshuva”, from our wayward past to the pathwhich Hashem has bidden us follow.

Ït is not too hard.” is the advice of Hashem , Deuteronomy30-11.

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