Nitsana Darshan-Leitner: a legal hero

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner is about to receive the Moskowitz Prize for her legal efforts to protect Israel – and deservedly so.   Read an interview with her here.

I was fortunate to recently attend a conference in Netanya, at which she spoke.  Nistan shows the major impact that private committed citizens can have in the defence of Israel.

When using the law against Israel haters, she describes a street fight, with stones and broken glass, and where “We have to bury respectability before it buries us.”   She and her team tailor the approach to the individual situation.  For instance, the recent floundering of the flotilla was largely due to her warning companies such as Lloyds of the danger of insuring boats involved with such questionable activity.  She posed the question of exactly who was responsible for any damage to the boats in such a situation.

The flytilla was also grounded in part by her team pointing out that it would disturb order at Ben Gurion airport.  A legal violation would also happen, since an Israeli permit is needed to have more than 3 people demonstrate… and surprise, surprise, they didn’t have a permit.  Furthermore, any person who arrived  with a fake name to try to avoid a blacklist represented  a violation of international law.

Another success was when Nitzan managed to see the dropping of a legal action in Spanish courts against an Israeli officer who authorised a bombing where civilians were killed as well as the terrorist target.  She did that by threatening a class action against Solano, who was head of NATO actions in Kosovo, when a bomb fell on a hospital and 7 children were  killed.

Nitsan, a legal hero –  bringing to mind Mark Knopfler’s local hero and the great Dire Straits concert I saw in Jerusalem’s Sultans Pool some years ago.

A talk she recently gave in Australia is shown here.

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