Netanyahu has to avoid being painted in a corner

Despite the clear message  from the US people in the recent mid-term elections that they are not happy with Obama’s policies,  there is every sign that Obama plans to focus on pressuring Israel for concessions, as pointed out by Caroline Glick. 

This latest round of Obama/Clinton pressure is particularly dangerous for Israel.

Under the guise of “pretty please just 90 more days” reinforced by the glib Thomas Friedman,  there are clear signs that a freeze extension agreement by Netanyahu will result in a forceful attempt by Obama to extract a commitment  from Israel as to what land they are prepared to concede.  An undertaking even in principle and with caveats will be gifted on a plate to the Palestinians, who will take it without any significant and meaningful commitment to true conflict resolution… and it would instantly lead to major trauma in the West Bank Jewish communities.

Give an inch and Obama and the Palestinians will take a mile! 

Is it just a bribe to Bibi just or a subtle form of blackmail? More like a poisoned chalice!

The reasons for Obama’s single minded pressure on Israel are uncertain  (with Obama itching for a triumph to justify his Nobel Prize, Israel might just be the next thing Obama wants to throw under the bus on the way)  but ultimately don’t matter so much. 

What does matter is that these are dangerous times and Obama is no Chaver;   Netanyahu surely has to appreciate that he has much greater support now in the U.S. Congress and  from the U.S. people, and either way has to do what is right for Israel and its security 

Be it preparations for Chanukah, but Netanyahu has to avoid being painted in a corner by Obama.

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3 thoughts on “Netanyahu has to avoid being painted in a corner

  1. Eric - Los Angeles November 17, 2010 at 4:05 pm -

    Interesting post – I agree it’s worrying.
    From what I gather, the attempted “bribe” is only to happen once the outcome is to Obama’s satisfaction, and not related to the 90 days. Netanyahu can rely far less on Obama support, than with previous administrations. Israel needs to stand strong and not get sucked into our President Obama’s community organizer machinations. It looks like the Palestinians are also not happy, so hopefully they will also a stumbling block. As an aside, I am a Tom Petty fan, and Zombie Zoo is a good one.