Netanyahu does wonderfully well

Netanyahu’s speech to the U.S. Congress was extremely well received – and is a clear account of how things are, and should be.  The U.S. people’s elected representatives, Democrat and Republican, made their support of Israel very clear.

Here is a good link on Ynet to the speech and response.

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2 thoughts on “Netanyahu does wonderfully well

  1. Could someone explain the relative power of the president and the congress in America? If the Congress is so pro-Israel, and Obama is so pro-Muslim, how does one balance out the other?

  2. When I was looking up Netanyahu’s speech on Google, I saw a very anti-Netanyahu headline from Ha’aretz. This crazy-left-wing attitude from an Israeli newspaper is damaging to Israel. How can they live so happily in their parallel universe? The current”Latma” show on Caroline Glick’s website is very appropriate.