NATO kills the “wrong people” again. Who’d have thunk it.

NATO acknowledged that it hit a column of Libyan rebel military vehicles here.

As the article says, “We regret any possible loss of life or injuries caused by this unfortunate incident,” NATO said in a statement. The attack was at least the third such episode since the air campaign began three months ago.” … “In a particularly complex and fluid battle scenario, it was assessed these vehicles were a threat to civilians.”

Still, it wasn’t Israel .. so no news here, move along.

Similarly, the Afganistan leader Karzai is getting upset at all the civilians (including one of his cousins)being killed by U.S. and other NATO attacks  .. but it wasn’t Israel .. so no news here, move along.

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One thought on “NATO kills the “wrong people” again. Who’d have thunk it.

  1. It’s good to see that the journalists were sceptical and careful when shown what seemed to be civilians killed by NATO bombs. They said there didn’t seem to be a trace of a bomb. It’s a shame that when it comes to accusations against Israel, such as the so-called bombing of the Red Cross ambulance in Lebanon, they are not so careful. If the accusation is against Israel, it must be true, right?

    This reminds me of an interview I heard in January with Kerry O’Brien and Catholic Middle East correspondent Megan Stack at Byron Bay (ABC Radio National). She was quite reasonable about Israel, but O’Brien not so. She makes the point that there are lies on both sides. This is a good excerpt. O’Brien mentions the Rabin “break their bones” quote. Stack says that this statement was ambiguous.

    Megan Stack: Right. Those are the two story lines, you know, it depends on who you ask, there are two interpretations of Israeli actions, it’s another war zone. If you talk to Israelis they you know people really feel like their army is humanitarian and of course if you talk to Palestinians, or lots of international observers, there’s a very different interpretation of events.

    Kerry O’Brien: Jerusalem world capital of dubious stories. I suppose every man in this village is a liar again.

    Her book is called ‘Every man in this village is a liar’. So how come Jerusalem is the world capital, Kerry?