Musical Puppets in Israel

There’s plenty of good music coming out of Israel, but a band made up of puppets ?!

As this article from Puppet Vision Blog says “Red Band is the name of a popular Israeli rock band that’s made up entirely of puppets. They’re sort of like the Electric Mayhem crossed with Gorillaz.

The group was formed by three Israeli American students – Ari Feffer, Micha Duman and Ami Wiesel – at Tel Aviv University who started hanging out together to play music and then, later, to build and perform puppets. After busking for awhile on the streets of Tel Aviv they were eventually discovered by television producers, which led to the creation of a self-titled R-rated “mockumentary” series that guest starred some of the biggest names in Israeli music .. Now they’re not only stars in their native Israel, but touring internationally too.”

Here’s Van Morrison’s Crazy Love – interspersed with some fun Hebrew.

and the man here and here

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