Morsi Code – dot dot dash

Things are not looking so good for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. It really hasn’t been a good year for them politically or economically.

An acquaintance who recently returned from a trip to Egypt described seeing a long row of tourist boats lying idle.

Useful articles are here and here  stating “Egypt teetered on the brink of overthrow after a defiant Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi rejected an ultimatum issued by the military, in which defense officials have pledged to intervene if the government does not address public demands and bring an end to the political turmoil engulfing Cairo. Morsi said Tuesday that he had not been consulted and would pursue his own plans for reconciliation between his government and opposition leaders, according to Reuters. Morsi has repeatedly said he will not quit, saying that street action must not be allowed to remove an elected president or else the same could happen to future presidents. At the same time, he has offered no concessions — though his opponents appear in no mood to accept anything short of his removal anyway. His Islamist supporters, some of them hard-liners who belong to formerly armed militant groups, have vowed to defend him.”

Also more details here and here

Some further explanation of Morse here

I wonder if they use it in World War Z  which looks interesting especially if part of it is supposed to happen in Israel.


So it looks like Morsi dot dash.   It’s a very optimistic day – with a greater chance for a liberal democracy or a constitutional one that preserves the rights of  all – e.g. Christians and Women.

And it also looks like Pres Obama is getting some well-deserved brickbats – see a few choice anti-Obama slogans here His vision of a Muslim Brotherhood expanse, has taken a nose-dive.

A good review about the blow to the Brotherhood that this represents (plus egg on Pres Obama’s face) here



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