More on the Hamas-Fatah deal

Netanyahu is currently in Europe, trying to rally support for the view that including the rejectionist Hamas knocks any peace deal on the head. 

This view is supported by strong statements from the English Chief Rabbi Sacks here and also by Larry Derfner.  Based on comments here about the response to Netanyahu in England and France, it looks suspiciously like the leaders of these 2 countries don’t care whatever is said or known about Hamas.  Hopefully, they are not acting with collusion from Obama.  Jimmy Carter of course can always be relied on to fly the flag for Hamas, even as its leader bewails the “passing” of Bin Laden.

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One thought on “More on the Hamas-Fatah deal

  1. I had real trouble with Larry Derfner. How much pressure does he want on Israel? What about pressure on the Palestinians to give even an inch? What about them stopping their murderous incitement against Israelis?
    Doesn’t he know that “occupation” means every inch of Israel? Does he know about the PA police who killed an Israeli at Joseph’s Tomb and then defaced it? It is time people on the left saw through the whole “settlement” excuse for Palestinian brutality. What helped me to do this is a video I once saw of Arafat shouting at a rally: What do we want? We want Jerusalem. What do we want? We want Haifa. What do we want? We want Jaffa. If the PA still don’t recognise Israel as a Jewish state, then what peace deal do they want? Larry should check out the Palestine Media Watch site that I also found by following your links.