Modi’in, Latrun and the Burma Road – new and old

Modi’in is a very impressive city midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. 

Not having been there for 20 years or so, it was remarkable to see what the area has become, with over 150,000 people in the area.

Then today we read that an ancient olive press has been found on the outskirts of Modi’in here.  Modi’in is course well know for being the area of the Maccabees and their famous victories over Antiochus and the Hellenists, see here and videos here.

Latrun, overlooking Route 1 – the Tel Aviv Jerusalem highway,  also overlooks the area.  Pictures of the Tank Museum are here and here.  It was a reminder that the fort (shown in figure) and surrounding area was only captured in 1967.  More on Latrun here.

Driving up the Burma Road to Jerusalem was also a great experience, – iit’s worth another look at the powerful movie To cast a giant shadow and Mickey Marcus and a review of the history of the Burma Road, also here.

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