Milk and Honey – George Mikes style

In his book “Milk and Honey” published in 1950,  George Mikes had this to say …

“The Israelis are among the very few peoples in the world who look confidently and defiantly to the future.  I found this optimistic spirit of the country more impressive than anything else.  In Britain, people – consciously or unconcsiously – brood over the glories of the last century; in Belgium and Hungary, in France and Germany they keep talking of the “good old days”, which means a different era for each speaker; in Vienna they dream of the gay and happy Imperial days; in Italy I was told by an Italian friend: You ought to have come five hundred years ago”.  It is in Israel and only in Israel that people tell you: ‘Well it may be wonderful. But come back in then years’ time’. Or: ‘come back in two years’ time’, or sometimes: ‘Come back next week'”

So instead of it being like this scene from Flying High aka Airplane, yesterday had welcome news from Israel that the recession may be ending there. helped by growth in exports and  tourism. The latest tourism hit is whether a mermaid has been spotted or not in Haifa Bay

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